How to Own Your First Tanning Bed Experience

Thinking About Getting a Tan?

Chances are if you are thinking about getting a tan, you may have already had one. Whether that tan occurred at the beach or at a salon, something clicked and you felt like you needed another. With today’s modern lifestyle, though, you probably don’t have the time to get a tan at the beach. A visit to a tanning bed is a viable option if you want that summer bronze without waiting. However, everyone has a first experience with a tanning bed, and even if you are nervous about visiting one there are ways to make your experience enjoyable and relaxing.

Common Questions About Tanning Beds

You can do a web search and see that the majority of questions people have about tanning beds deal with whether or not they are safe. Questions include whether or not tanning beds are safer than sun tanning, or whether or not owning a tanning bed breaks any laws. Rest assured, if you have these questions there are answers for you. There are many places you can find safe tanning tips, and many Youtubers who make a way of life by vlogging about tanning.

The best way to approach indoor tanning is to ask yourself what you want from a tan. After all, if you are looking for a tan that goes away in a week, a tanning bed might not be the way to go!

Are Stand-up Tanning Beds Better?

With tanning popularity rising, there are many different tanning trends to consider. One of these trends is stand-up tanning beds. These have risen in popularity. While they may not be as relaxing as the traditional lay-down tanning option, they have their perks. These beds offer an even tan, which is often not offered from traditional tanning methods. Additionally, this process tends to be quicker — which means more time to do what you love.

Spray tanning uses the same sort of stand-up method. Not only does this offer an even matte all over your body, but it is quicker and easier to apply. If speed matters to you, stand-up tanning is a big plus!

Making the Final Decision

There is a lot to think about when deciding what type of tan you would like when you decide to visit your first tanning bed. That being said, thinking about what you want out of the experience overall will allow you to pick the tanning experience you want. From traditional outdoor tanning to stand-up spray tanning — you deserve the glowing summer skin you’ve dreamt of.